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Why Getting an Early Start?
Many parents are concerned about the possible confusion on the part of their
child when being exposed to more than one language from an early age. However,
literature in language acquisition has documented the unlimited potential of
young children in acquiring languages (whether their 1st, 2nd or even their 3rd
language). Controversies over how young children can achieve this end
effortlessly have been ongoing for decades, but what has generally been agreed
upon is that young children do not follow the learning path using their cognition
as we adults do. Yet as they grow older, they will gradually lose this unique
inborn acquisition device. This explains the importance of getting an early start
in learning a 2nd or a 3rd language, which makes native or near-native
proficiency possible.  

Learning Through Play
Young children learn most effectively through play. This is the philosophy
guiding our educators in lesson planning, and we all target at bringing your child
a fun learning experience. Click
here for more details about our activities for
the different age groups .

The Importance of Home Support
Some parents may wonder whether attending one or two classes a week can
guarantee successful acquisition of the language. We share their concern and
that is why we provide home support materials such as CDs containing songs we
use in class as well as vocabulary sheets with accompanying recording accessible
online .

Trial Classes
The best way to find out more about our classes is to attend a trial session.
Check out our schedule and fill out the registration form through this
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enquiries, please email us at or call 2571 1618.
What's New?
We are now providing home tuition, where kids can learn from a professional teacher at the
comfort of their home. For details, please click
Every child is unique.
Help your children
find their own
potential and they
will walk their path!