About Us
About Us

Blossoms was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing quality language courses to young children. All
our teachers are experienced native speakers having attained high level of proficiency in the language


Ms Linda LAM  

Ms Lam is a registered teacher with over 15 years' experience in teaching both local and
expatriate children of various ages. She also serves the Education Bureau as Classroom
Language Assessor for Putonghua teachers in local primary and secondary schools.  Ms Lam has
a master's degree in Linguistics and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education. She was placed on
the Dean's List in the Chinese University of Hong Kong for her outstanding academic
achievement. She has also been awarded first class in the National Putonghua Proficiency test.
Being a mother of two, she understands the children's needs and their full potential. She is
able to devise age-appropriate activities that engage the little minds and inspire their thirst
for learning.
- Master of Arts in Linguistics (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
- Postgraduate Certificate of Education (Hong Kong University)
- National Putonghua Proficiency Test 1st class

Mr Marshall SHAW

Mr Shaw has been a passionate educator for 27 years. He believes education must be diverse
in content, technology and inclusive of the Arts. He is a recipient of two teaching awards, from
Canada and Hong Kong, recognising the hallmark of his belief that learning needs to be
enjoyable, engaging and personal. He has taught all classroom subjects, technology, and the
Arts, from Grades 1- 9, in various international and local schools in Canada, the USA, and Hong
Kong. He speaks, writes articles, teaches, tutors, and creates media of all kinds. He is an avid
user of technology in music production, graphic design and app design. He has 11 children's songs
composed and published in the market.
- Master of Science in Education Technology (State University New York, USA)
- Bachelor of Education (Queen's University, Canada)
- Recipient of Teaching Awards (Canada & Hong Kong)